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Adult Day Care

Adult day care is a program for older people who need help during the day without needing overnight care. It includes fun activities and is supervised by professionals.

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What It Is

An Adult Day Care Center is where adults get help with daily life, socialize and stay healthy. Staff provide food, health and socialization services, along with activities to promote happiness. No overnight stays, but supervision, food and entertainment events are provided to prevent loneliness.

For Many Care Needs

Adult day care centers cater to people with chronic conditions, disabilities, and the elderly. They offer health services, transportation, personal care, and caregiver support groups.

Why It Helps

Adult Day Care centers can help people stay out of the hospital and maintain independence for a longer time. It’s beneficial for those who would typically be alone at home. Socializing and engaging in fun activities can benefit both body and mind. Adult Day Care also provides relief for caregivers, with 19% using the services to take a break from caring for a loved one with a serious illness.

It Takes A Team

Adult Day Care centers provide health information, exercise routines, and new activities to improve the lifestyles of people in rehabilitation or dementia wards. It helps them maintain their daily activities and discover new hobbies or pursuits.

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