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Covid-19 Safety Solutions for Senior Care Facility

Covid-19 Safety Solutions

It is so unfortunate the COVID -19 pandemic changed what we love the most: meeting people, spending time with the families and their loved ones in need of care, driving together to tour places, ultimately having that one–on–one interaction that we value so much. Our business model of “holding your hand through the process” has changed a bit, but we still maintaining the quality of our services to the highest level …  just doing things a little differently.

Although many counties in the state of WA are opening transitioning to phase 2 and 3, restrictions remain in place regarding Senior Care Facilities.

What to expect if searching for a Senior Care Facility:

  • For the families searching for a care facility, some Assisted Livings and Adult Family Homes allow only virtual touring with videos or/and photos. Another common way of touring is using Facetime (live) where the provider will be talking with you directly, showing the common areas and the rooms available.
  • Some Assisted Livings and Adult Family Homes will allow one person at a time to do a quick tour. No interaction or contact will take place with the current residents. You will have to sign in – sign out, use hand sanitizer, temperature check, wear a mask and disposable gloves. Some places require shoe covers as well (provided).

Let us do the work for you, it is FREE!

What to expect moving into a Senior Care Facility:

  • A COVID-19 test is required before moving into any care facility
  • The elderly moving in any care facility will be in quarantined for two weeks (14 days). No in person visitations with family members or outside person will be allowed during this time. Most care facilities will facilitate virtual visits using a variety of online platforms.
  • In Assisted Livings meals will be served to the apartment. No group activities, no group outings, all care including medication administration will be provided in the resident’s apartment.
  • In Adult Family Homes, considering it is a much smaller environment (6 residents’ max capacity), meals will be served as usual in the dinning room, all care needs are provided based on the individual care plan for each resident. The residents who do not have a private bathroom or shower in their room will be sharing those facilities with other residents as always.
  • Facilities set up with a In House Doctor (doctors will come to visit their patients at the care facility) will continue this service as always.
  • Medication continues to be delivered by the pharmacies as always.

We encourage you to contact A1 Senior Care Advisors for more details. Our services are at NO COST to you and continue to be at the highest possible level. We are here to assist with every Senior Care need!

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