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How to Know It’s Time for an Adult Family Home

Time for an Adult Family Home

It can be difficult to know when an older loved one is ready for assistance an adult family home can provide. The first step in deciding is to know what an adult family home offers to seniors.

What an Adult Family Home Provides Seniors

Adult Family Homes are houses owned and operated by someone who has been approved by the state to use it to care for seniors. The person has been trained and certified to provide care. Each resident receives a bedroom and share the living room, kitchen, and other common areas. Residents live with one another and often become one big family.

An adult family home provides services such as:

  • Assistance with activities of daily living (bathing, grooming, dressing, toileting)
  • Meal preparation, including special diets recommended by residents’ physicians.
  • Housekeeping to keep the home clean to promote health and safety.
  • Transportation to medical appointments, shopping, or run errands.
  • Social activities to promote a sense of community within the home.
  • Dementia care for those suffering from them.

Families can visit and pick up residents whenever they would like and it is encouraged.

When to Choose an Adult Family Home

How do you know when it’s time for an adult family home? It’s when your senior no longer can live safely at home alone. It’s also when caregiving at home is not enough to meet the needs of your older loved one. Many family members believe they can care for their loved one, but then they see how demanding it can be for them. Having someone come into the home to provide services can be just as much money as using an adult family home and those services don’t provide the socialization benefits that living with others offer. With all of this considered, finding an alternative solution is truly the best way to support your older family member.

The services an adult family home provides are tailored to the resident’s needs, so even if your older loved one doesn’t need assistance with activities of daily living or the other services mentioned above, an adult family home can still be beneficial.

Adult family homes are perfect for just about anyone who either can’t or doesn’t want to live independently at home. When you’re searching for a home for your older loved one, you can ask about the level of care provided. Many people like to be with others who receive similar levels of care so they can connect with them.

How to Find Adult Family Homes

The best way to find adult family homes is to use the help of a Senior Living Advisor. This person has the expertise you’re seeking to find adult family homes in Seattle, surrounding areas and anywhere in the state of WA, that meet your older loved one’s needs. The elder care services the senior living advisor offers are completely FREE. All you have to do is call 425-324-5592 to connect with one. For additional information about Senior Living Advisors, visit www.A1SeniorCareAdvisors.com. A1 Senior Care Advisors has a 5 STARS rating on Google. LIKE us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/a1seniorcareadvisors.

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