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Memory Care Activities for Loved Ones with Dementia

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Dementia is a degenerative condition experienced by many older adults. The statistics show that one in four people between the ages of 75 to 89 may already show signs of dementia. The risks are higher if there is a history of dementia in the family.

People suffering from dementia experience difficulties such as memory loss, speech impediment, coordinative disability and inability to independently take care of themselves (in severe cases of dementia). Dementia has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease, which is identified as one of the causes of dementia in older adults.

After a diagnosis, it is important to take certain actions that can help the patient cope with dementia. It will not be helpful to allow patients with dementia to live a sedentary lifestyle; instead, they should be encouraged to become more active.

Helping older adults suffering from dementia to remain as active as possible can help with the issues related to memory loss among patients with dementia. This support can be provided by introducing the patient to memory care activities.

In the following part of this article, a list of memory care activities that can help your loved ones diagnosed with dementia will be discussed. These activities aim to improve memory and cognitive abilities of older adults with dementia.

While these activities can be organized for older adults by any family member, it is always best to seek professional advice before attempting to use any of these methods.

Start with a Routine

It is easier to remember a routine. Older adults receiving Alzheimer’s care can be encouraged to follow a routine from the moment they wake up in the morning until it is bedtime. The best routines for people diagnosed with dementia can include having regular mealtimes, bedtimes, watching their favorite TV shows at a particular time, and spending a few hours with friends or family members.

Introduce fun Games

Games are excellent for older adults under dementia care. Games help to improve the patients’ mentally capabilities. Puzzles and board games that require brain activity are helpful. Also, games that involve physical activity will help the patient exercise.

Physical exercises are recommended for patients with dementia because it helps their memory.

Spending time Outdoors

A look at the patients’ profile can reveal outdoor activities they enjoyed in the past. For example, some people often visited the park where they went on long walks. Others enjoy spending some time in the garden tending to flowers or reading a book.

Allowing the patient in a dementia care program to spend a few hours in their favorite places outdoors is a great idea. The patient will mostly express delight in using some of the skills they still remember from their younger days.

Encourage Conversations

Patients suffering from dementia should be encouraged to have conversations. This activity can be permitted for a short time. It is best if conversations are coordinated by a trained senior living care giver. Older adults with dementia may express frustration if they cannot remember certain things during a conversation.

A professional caregiver for older adults can notice signs of anxiety early and help the patient remember what they need to know to keep the conversation going.

Our loved ones can live comfortably in memory care centers for older adults with dementia. Here they receive care from trained senior living advisors who have experience and know what can be done to help the patients.

If you are not certain about the next step to take regarding helping a loved one diagnosed with dementia, please send us a message.

At A1 Senior Care Advisors, we can help you find the professional memory care facility that focuses on the memory care activities listed above. Call us at (425) 324-5592 TODAY!

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